Sunday, 20 March 2011

Eating and sleeping Baba Yaga

It is sunday night. Liminal Space has completed its first week, and as I look back on what has been achieved I realise that, collectively, we have undertaken a deep pictorial journey into our story, Baba Yaga. All of the elements of that dark Grimms tale have been unravelled, stretched out, animated, listened to, seen in terms of colour and shape and texture... static imagined scenes have been turned into animated performances via simple manipulation of card and cardboard. Scenes which vividly wrapped themselves around our imagination have been carved out of lino, printed onto paper with etching ink and delicately sewn onto bunting chains. We've listened to the the tale of Baba Yaga, seen it in our mind's eye, translated those pictures into physical form using an intoxicatingly refreshing range of craft skills, and woven our very own visual story tapestries. For me, its what happens to the imagination through storytelling that fascinates me - so it's been a dream come true to spend this past week working with a story to see what pictures and visual worlds emerge...


  1. Strange... I just put out a storytelling DVD called "Eating Baba Yaga" And when I googled to see if it would show up in the browser, your blog came up as one of the options. Great Work you are doing!!!!!!!
    You can check out my project at:

    Blessings on your art and lives,
    -Brian Rohr

    P.S. FYI, Baba Yaga is from the Russian Fairy Tales, not the Grimms. Though both have Baba Yaga type characters!!