Friday, 18 March 2011

A day of Cassette Crankie Storytelling

On my bike ride in to open Liminal Space on its first official day, I find a plastic bag heaving with discarded cassette tapes. Voila - our first drop-in activity theme is decided. With half a dozen neat little boxes containing all the necessary elements (pairs of bent wire rods, lengths of scroll paper, empty cassette holders with two pairs of holes drilled top and bottom) we pronounce ourselves ready for the public.

...With just enough time to manipulate our cardboard supplies into a 'special thanks' display in honour of our benefactors...

Come 3.30pm a young, energetic tribe of school children pour in, eager to inject stories into cassette boxes.

Two hours later we are thrilled by the array of crankie picture boxes that have been made by people aged approximately 4 - 40...

 Meanwhile the window fills gradually.

And the last task before locking-up is a much needed patchwork sign. Now home!

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