Saturday, 9 April 2011

Parting Moments

Our final day at Liminal Space begain with a crankie workshop, during which a participant spontaneously invented a great new method of making a crankie performance. Get random cut-out words from a magazine, arrange on a long scroll of paper, join together via hand-written creative writing to invent a very unique story!

 Some dear visitor friends stop by one last time...

 The sign comes down early evening......

And Liminal Space becomes empty once more.

A thousand, thousand thank yous to all those who entered our doors since the 14th March. And to others who didn't, of course - like the manager of Budgens Belsize Park, who read our shopping list and gave us the money to pay for it, wishing us well. We are fascinated, charmed and deeply attached to Malden Road and its surroundings - a neighbourhood in which all the life initiation stages from the mythic world are played out daily on the streets: red for youthful, untamed energy, black for grief and suffering, and white for re-integration. Young people wander, carrying their hurt, confusion and frustration, police cars descend like a swarm of bees at any moment, and meanwhile a mother holds her child's hand as they come into the shop to make a kite. Around the corner at the market, there is more of a genuine community spirit than in most other urban streets, and yet people glumly tell me that the market was often referred to as London's murder mile.
We've made so many friends during our month here, and we are sorry to close our doors to them.

For now, Camden Council's Pop-up Scheme has ended due to lack of funding. It is down to us to be thirsty in our hunt for new ways to bring life to the ugly, unloved empty shop boxes which decorate our urban surroundings.

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